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Let's Help the Seniors at Encina

Guest editorial from the Facebook page of Zima Creason, a Trustee of the San Juan Unified School District:

“Really need everyone to step up for this one! Support the Seniors at Encina High! The Seniors WILL NOT have a senior class trip this year if we don't help. We must help now! Don't say it is all about the kids if you don't step up when they need you.

In the past the kids went to Disneyland for their class trip thanks to a donor that would cover most of the cost. Sadly, that donor passed away. They changed their trip to Santa Cruz so that it is more affordable, but they have not raised enough to make that happen. They deserve a trip. Most of these kids/families cannot afford to make this happen on their own. Remember your class trip? Lets make sure they have a trip to remember too.

Encina serves a diverse group of students of whom many are refugees, immigrants, homeless, foster youth, and impoverished. These students work hard everyday to succeed and persevere in the face of adversity.

In support of their hard work, the Encina Community wants to make the graduation process, including a Sober Grad trip, extremely inviting and memorable. Your donation will not only celebrate our seniors, it will also motivate our 6th-11th graders to finish strong.

This year, the students have chosen to head to Santa Cruz for a day of fun at the beach boardwalk. They'll spend the evening around a bonfire roasting marshmallows and creating life-long memories! Thank you for helping make this celebration a reality for the class of 2020!"

Link for or more info, and to donate.

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