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Candidates night at Milagro

The candidates for the open District 3 County Supervisor seat had another opportunity to present themselves to the public on February 3rd. The occasion was held inside the Milagro Center in Carmichael and was hosted by the Carmichael Colony Neighborhood Association. The five candidates - Matt Ceccatto, Rich Desmond, Gregg Fishman, Tiffany Mock-Goeman and Catrayel Wood - presented themselves and their platforms again as they did at the January 22nd forum. The venue was nice from the standpoint of food and beverages being available, but challenging in that it was very hard to hear the candidates’ speeches over the din from the adjacent restaurants. The attentive audience was large (about 100 people), an indication of the public’s keen interest in the race. The Local Media wasn’t there at all. Guess that means this post is a “scoop” for our little blog. ;-)

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Another Supervisorial candidates forum was held at the Milagro Center in Carmichael
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