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Census 2020 - current local status

As of the end of March 2020, the US Census is reporting that response rates in Arden Arcade are somewhat in line with the national (38.4%), California (37.9%) and Sacramento County (42.5%) response rates. You can see from their map (below) that the parts of Arden Arcade west of Fulton, Arden Manor west of Watt/north of Hurley and the Country Club area west of Watt/north of Marconi/south of Auburn have the lowest responses so far. Kudos to Arden Park, Arden Oaks and the southern part of Del Paso Manor for their much higher rates. In 2010, about 6 to 7 in 10 people in Arden Arcade responded to the census. This year the figures are much lower - so far. Sometime in the weeks to come (depending on the Covid-19 situation, obviously) census workers will be doing follow-ups with low-response areas. This is ultimately important because census results are used to apportion Congressional representation, distribute funds for projects and grants, and drive redistricting. California historically gets back proportionately less tax dollars than we pay in. And it should come as no surprise to readers of our blog that how our invisible community is treated has a lot to do with how we are represented on our elected bodies. Taxes and representation are concerns that depend on an accurate count of population. The census form is short and easy to complete. Have you submitted yours?

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Response rates for the 2020 census are running between 31.9% and 53.7% across Arden Arcade. The outlying census tract along Howe between Northrup and Hurley, has responded at 27.9%. You can see the results on an interactive map at
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