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Maybe we should call it Barbiegate?

So the saga of the poles blocking the pedestrian and bicycle access to/from Country Club Center continues. It is crystal clear that the new poles would never survive an ADA challenge. It is impossible to pass through the openings at Merrywood and Drayton with a wheelchair or a walker. But what about people who do not use a wheelchair or a walker? Think about it this way: anyone who has ever remodeled a building understands that you have to comply with building codes. Section 3235 of the California Building Code requires a minimum egress door opening of 2’8” and Section 408.5 of the California Plumbing Code sets the minimum opening for a shower (doored or doorless) as 22”. At the Drayton access, depending on which side of the post you are walking, there are openings of 18.5” and 19.5” between the wall and the post. Over at the Merrywood access, there are 22” of clear space between the wall and the post on each side of the post - barely enough for a shower but not OK for egress. Which is to say that Barbie (the doll with the bean-pole waist) can pass through the space fairly easily, unlike real people with normal body shapes.

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The openings at Drayton Ave. are 18.5” (left in photo) and 19.5” (right in photo)
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