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Featured Community Organization: Sacramento Tree Foundation

The Sacramento region has one of the largest hand-planted tree canopies in the world thanks to the passion and commitment of the people who live here. Since 1982, the Sacramento Tree Foundation has been building partnerships and empowering communities to envision the best places to live and
invest in their urban forest because trees offer so many amazing benefits and are central to a
healthy neighborhood. Trees and green spaces can help to reduce stress, improve respiratory
health, and even reduce crime. Neighborhoods and schools with more trees report an increase in
physical activity, neighborhood cohesion, and test scores. Businesses that operate under a lush
canopy enjoy higher consumer traffic. Public and private spaces benefit from energy savings, reduced cooling costs, and increased property values that come from having the right tree in the right place. While some neighborhoods have an abundance of trees, not everyone in Sacramento County lives in their shade. Some neighborhoods with less trees experience higher temperatures, higher levels of pollution, and experience higher exposure to other risk factors. This is where the Sacramento Tree Foundations’ NeighborWoods Initiative comes in. Operating on the tenets of community leadership and environmental justice, the NeighborWoods program strives to work with community members to provide trees along with the education and advocacy that ensures their survival for generations to come.

Arden Arcade is a community that is not receiving the full benefits of a robust tree canopy. As a result, Sacramento Tree Foundation NeighborWoods organizers have been working with residents in Arden Arcade to identify their visions for planting and tree care. Beginning in Arden Park, the Tree Foundation has completed projects at parks, in neighborhoods, at schools and other locations identified as being in need by the community - such as parking lots and churches. This fall the Tree Foundation is working at Howe Park, adding new shade trees and caring for mature trees. Howe Park is also home to some very special memorial trees whose plaques have suffered vandalism and damage over the years. If you would like to be a part of monitoring the memorial trees, supporting and growing the canopy in Howe Park or planting trees at your own house or neighborhood in Arden Arcade, contact the Tree Foundation on Facebook at or on Instagram at, check out their web site at, or email For free shade trees at your home, look at the Tree Foundation’s Sac Shade Program at

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Community members from Arden Arcade working together to plant trees in Cottage Park, Fall 2017
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