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Your opinions are requested

The Arcade Creek Recreation and Park District is asking people to provide input on how to spend local park money. Asking people what they want before taking action is an entirely different approach than the one the County uses. Let’s support that request by 1) responding and 2) showing appreciation. To respond, just go to the District’s survey page ( It would be icing on the cake if you could send along a note of thanks, but much more importantly, please say something nice about the District’s approach on your social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Nextdoor, Instagram, whatever) to help drive up the numbers of people responding and to let others in the community know that, regardless of what the County does, there are units of local government here that DO care about us.
p.s. If you were wondering why a blog about Arden Arcade posts something about a local park district that’s not part of the “official” Arden Arcade, keep in mind that Arden Arcade does not have actual boundaries. There is no “official” Arden Arcade. Our community is just part of the vast unincorporated UnCity, with arbitrary parts that the County uses for administrative purposes - like assigning personnel. In reality, our community is whatever WE say it is.


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