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Google messed with an Arden Arcade Vote Center

Fox40 ran a story yesterday about how people got lost trying to find the Vote Center in Howe Park. Some voters had been vectored to Cottage Pool instead, some 2 miles away at Cottage Park. It turns out the problem is a longstanding goof by the Google’s Maps people. The park district has been trying to get Google to fix the problem (for years!) but to no avail. Google didn’t respond when the County protested either, but to the County’s credit, they did provide the correct information for the lost voters who had called to complain. Mr. Google may have more money than God, but apparently doesn’t have enough to spare a low-wage coder to fix mistakes like this in our invisible unincorporated nowhere land. The park district people did their best to make things right - besides contacting Google directly, they posted signs at Cottage Park about where the Vote Center actually was and they even shuttled people who had been stranded by Uber and Lyft at Cottage Park. Interestingly, Fox40 got the Park District’s address wrong in their story - they said it was at 2201 Howe, when the address is actually 2201 Cottage.

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The Vote Center was at Howe Park but the Google Maps app directions on how to get there sent people to Cottage Pool.
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