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Incomplete streets

It is normally considered a good public works practice to place a street sign at a four-way intersection. Signs bearing the names of streets provide helpful information for first responders, package delivery people, guests coming to visit you, home sellers and their prospective buyers, and so on. Pity the intersection of Berkshire Way and Maison Way in Arden Manor. It has no street sign. Oh sure, it has four stop signs with white paint on the road saying "STOP" and a line indicating where to stop. But it has no street sign. Unless you are a local and happen to know exactly/precisely where you are, there is no information as to the street names and which street is which. It seems very UnCity-like that the County hasn't placed a street sign at that intersection, doesn't it? Do all the intersections in your neighborhood have street signs or is it just poor old Berkshire & Maison that doesn't? Or is this one special? Maybe it's an interspatial vortex - a landing zone for UFOs or something. Hah! Betcha didn't know we had those, did you?

May contain: road, tarmac, asphalt, tree, plant, abies, fir, intersection, and freeway
This is the corner of Maison Way and Berkshire Way. Lots of stop signs. No street sign.
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