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A Fluff Piece from the Downtown Sacramento Power Elite

The Greater Sacramento Economic Council has released a video on Twitter intended to promote the Sacramento Region as the cool place to be for Bay Area hipsters who have lots of money, except maybe not quite enough to buy a house in the actual Bay Area. Covid, you see, has freed these people from the tyranny of commuting to their techie jobs, because now they are allowed to work online. And because they can "work from anywhere", they get to gentrify the relatively affordable (until now) housing in our region. Thing is, if you watch the video at, you will notice it is all about the City of Sacramento, focused on its downtown. There is a brief clip of what could be Folsom or El Dorado Hills. Thanks so much for driving up our housing costs and for helping promote just a tiny part of our region, Downtown Sacramento Power Elite! {not}

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"Hey, Bay Area hipsters, please come gentrify our neighborhoods," said the people with local million-dollar (an up) residences.
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