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A Message for County Supervisor Desmond

A congratulatory note for our new D3 Supervisor Rich Desmond from Rob Hager, President of the Advocates for Arden Arcade:


Congratulations on winning the County Supervisor seat for District 3. Your win comes at a pivotal point for Arden Arcade's public health, economic viability and longer-term sustainability. Being a long term resident of Carmichael, you are no doubt aware of the significant changes our region has seen over the years. I am relatively new to the area having been here only 5 years, but it has been long enough to fully internalize the challenges of our local community. On the other hand, I find there is a lot to be excited about.

I appreciate how Arden Arcade's neighborhoods have become diverse and many local businesses offer unique culinary experiences. For example we have an outstanding afgani street food-themed restaurant, while on the other hand some fantastic traditional independently owned pizza and hamburger joints. I also believe many of our immigrant groups will become incubators to small businesses that will inject additional economic vitality into the area.

The changing colors of the leaves makes me notice how beautiful many of our neighborhoods are and how close we are to the American River and Arcade Creek. These emerald ribbons along our southern and northern edges allow us to experience the beauty of nature, be active, and take some time to disconnect while staying within our proverbial backyard.

Our proximity to other urban centers like downtown/midtown Sacramento, Roseville, and the vibrant new cities in our county makes living here convenient, freeing us from long commutes which gives us more time with family and friends. I adamantly believe Arden Arcade's central location and affordable housing will continue to appeal to young adults as they transition away from Sacramento's urban spaces looking for larger homes to start families.

As we move ahead into a new year, we look forward to you representing and supporting our community. I personally hope we can work with you to collectively channel all of our skills, energy, and ideas into improving our community's strengths while addressing its challenges.

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