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Welcome to our new website

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Our new home page

Dear Friends and Followers of the Advocates for Arden Arcade and other readers of our social media posts: We are very happy to share our revised website with you all. This is a project that has been long in coming, one that severely challenged the fingertips of our newsroom elves. We hope you will find it much easier to use our site now. for example, there is a search feature that can make it easier to find our posts. And the site is an https:// site now, which means it is more secure than the other one. We have tried to give our pages some better organization, too. For example, you will find the Governance pages have been restructured for clarity. Most of our pages are structured with posts arranged by calendar year. That, in addition to the search feature, should make it easier to get into our archives.

Are we done? No. Our elves had to covert SO many pages that they may have missed a link or two down in the weeds of our posts. If you find a broken link, please let us know at our NEW email address, which is We'll do our best to get right on it. And, speaking of feedback, we are happy to announce a new feature for our web site, "The Soapbox". It functions as our opinions, op-ed and letters-to-the-editor page. If you have an opinion you would like to express, or a concern you want to get off your chest (politely, of course), we would love to hear from you. You can go to our new "Contact Us" page, which has handy links on our home page. Both pages can be found on at the side of "The Latest", a drop-down link you can click on from the "News and Issues" menu.

Since 2015 we have used web hosting services from Squarespace. Thankful as we have been for their web hosting, we found a local web hosting service, Streamline, this year. Streamline brought new functionality to our pages and their technical support has been wonderful. So, though 2020 has been pretty much a miserable failure, it hasn't been entirely bad.

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