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3 Cheers for the Rotary Club of Arden Arcade!

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A lot of people gave time to fix up Cottage Park today!

The Rotary Club of Arden Arcade showed up big time for the community today with their Cottage Park Clean-up event. Cottage Park is cherished by the adjacent neighborhoods and serves the entire community with its pool, preschool and community center. But over the years the park has seen so much use that it began to look a little long in the tooth. What seemed like a small army of volunteers helped the Fulton-El Camino Recreation and Park District tidy up the park by picking up trash, clearing brush, repairing and painting picnic tables, benches and fixing the bridge by the community center. The park looks much better now!

The Rotary Club of Arden Arcade is focused on improving and making an impact in our community. The Club has a history of funding and carrying out projects that have helped make our community better. They have held a clean-up event at the County's William Pond Park in the American River Parkway, donated coats and helmets for Dyer-Kelly school, and helped build the computer lab at Encina High. Today's project was truly special - in one morning of work with the park district they contributed to a transformation of the park into a fresh and new place! The Advocates for Arden Arcade were happy to help publicize the event and to contribute some volunteer hours.


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