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How Unincorporated Areas are Perceived

Look at this photo. It perfectly captures the attitude that the policy set of the State of California has about unincorporated areas:

  • A county Board of Supervisors is sufficient for this kind of place
  • If the land is ever developed, a city will annex it and see to whatever municipal services and infrastructure are needed.
  • It should be easy for cities to annex land, but really hard (and very expensive) for new cities to form.
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Back in 2008-2010 when incorporation of Arden Arcade was a thing, if you asked people here what they thought the population of Arden Arcade was, the responses ranged from "I don't know" to guesses of around 3,000-5,000 people. Opinions tended to focus on one's own neighborhood. The current census estimate for the population of Arden Arcade - the second-largest Census Designated Place in California - is 108,000. With a density over 6,000 people per square mile, our community is fully developed and heavily urbanized. Arden Arcade stopped being a place with more cows than people a long time ago. Our communty has made it crystal clear it doesn't want to be gobbled up by the City of Sacramento and state policies argue against new cities. Here, then, the Board of Supervisors remains in charge.  Are you OK with that?

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