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Empowering Neighborhoods

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Neighborhood areas in the City of Citrus Heights

The City of Citrus Heights has an active, ongoing program that supports - listens to and provides improvement funds for - every neighborhood area in the city. The program is discussed in the community partnerships pages of city's web site. There is an informative article about the program in the Citrus Heights Sentinel. The article, at, is very much worth a read. It shows how a good local government should - and does - work for its constituents.

"Developing the neighborhood organizations was voted by the public as one of the Top 10 Accomplishments by the City of Citrus Heights since incorporation in January 1997"
City of Citrus Heights web page at

If Arden Arcade was a City, this is something that would be actively going on right now, right here. Alas, our community is just another invisible part of Sacramento County's vast unincorporated urban wasteland, Our only option for this kind of neighborhood engagement is to seek it from the County. The Arden Arcade Community Action Plan is instructive in that regard. The Action Plan document was adopted in 2006 (after a 6-year-long outreach process) as an appendix to the Arden Arcade Community Plan of 1980 (yes, 1980, the date of the current operative plan for Arden Arcade). The 2006 Action Plan spoke of how the County's Department of Neighborhood Services would support, inform and even empower our neighborhoods. Naturally, the words in the adopted document were never activated. And the Department of Neighborhood Services, along with the staff people who had pushed the idea, just sort of faded away. Here we are 15 years later, still living the dream...



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