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Confusion continues about where people live

Yesterday Channel 13 did a story about a City of Sacramento ordinance to crack down on illegal fireworks. Nextdoor picked up the story and posted it as "News" for the large number of Nextdoor Networks (neighborhoods) in the region. Many Nextdoor readers engaged in discussion of the Nextdoor post. Most people liked the idea; some did not. Predictably, though, several Nextddor respondents who live in unincorporated Sacramento County's vast UnCity participated as though the City of Sacramento has some obligation, some duty, to their neighborhood. News Flash: It doesn't. The entire UnCity, home to 600,000 some-odd people (the largest political entity within Sacramento County) is run by the County Board of Supervisors. The County has a handy map of the several communities that comprise the UnCity, the communities for which the Supervisors are responsible. The Mayor and City Council of the City of Sacramento are answerable only to their constituents, every one of which lives within the boundaries of the City of Sacramento.

Like the rest of the UnCity, Arden Arcade doesn't have a Mayor and a City Council to focus on local priorities. Fortunately, some people in the Nextdoor discussion got the answer right, and that gives us hope that we can someday stop posting reminders that our comunity is NOT part of the City of Sacramento. Some quotes from those people:

"Awesome, except I do not live in the City of Sacramento, I live in the county in Churchill Downs area."
a Nextdoor user in Churchill Downs
"The news said the “CITY of Sacto”. We are in the “County”. We have the sheriff, not the police. That said, I do wish they would enforce the laws! I’m so done with fireworks and gun shots!"
a Nextdoor user in Antelope

As we have said before: If you aren't sure whether you live in the City of Sacramento, go to the intersection nearest your residence, one with street signs on a 4x4 post. If the signs are WHITE WITH BLACK LETTERS, they are Sacramento County's signs. They are used to mark the streets in the unincorporated area. Another clue is that the signs have the words "Sacramento County" on them. The City of Sacramento uses different signs, colored GREEN WITH WHITE LETTERS. Don't be confused if you see large green signs up high at some places along major streets. Those signs mark busy, wannabe freeways like Watt Avenue. They were most likely placed by local traffic engineers with freeway envy or who used to work for CalTrans. The signs on the 4x4 posts are reliable indicators of where you live.

May contain: vegetation, plant, and bush
Unincorporated areas have street signs like this


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