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Scottish independence -- and ours?

Scotland concluded another parlimentary election last week. The Scottish National Party (SNP) won its 4th straight election, increasing its seats to within one seat short of a majority. By forming a coaliton with the Green Party, which won 8 seats, the SNP will remain in charge of the country. The SNP favors independence for Scotland and, by winning the election, senses movement in that direction.

Is this of any significance to Arden Arcade? It is, to a very minor extent in that some of our street names honor Scottish inventors - James Watt and, arguably*, Alexander Graham Bell - but much more importantly because of the notion of Scottish independence from the United Kingdom. You see, Scotland has opposed Brexit, the UK's recent "divorce" from the European Union. Scotland has been united with England (and hence, the UK) since 1707. But 55% of Scottish voters sided with the SNP and opposed Brexit in 2014. The UK approved Brexit and Scotland took a wait and see approach while the Brexit negotiations dragged on. By now, sentiments towards Scottish independence have grown to the point where another independence referendum could be in the foreseeable future and might succeed. As Scotland's leader said in the May 10, 2021 New Yorker article, "Separation Anxiety":

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Scotlands' First Minister: independence is a case of "when, not if." (
"They {Boris Johnson and his ministers} don't seem to understand that on an emotional level, that having things done to you.....You know people don't like that in their individual lives. So why should a country put up with it?"
Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland's First Minister and head of the SNP

So, Scotland is growing weary of other people telling them what's best for them. Notion resonates with promoters of statehood for the District of Columbia,  Puerto Rico and Guam. Does the same concept apply here, in lowly Arden Arcade, which has municipal decisions made by people (County Supervisors), 4 our of 5 of whom were elected by people from elsewhere? By Supervisors we here in Arden Arcade cannot remove from office? Remember, our guy, Supervisor Rich Desmond, has 315,000 or so constituents, 85% of whom live in unincorporated areas. If you are one of Rich's constituents and you have issues with potholes, code enforcement, stray dogs, or other municipal concerns, you can't go to a Mayor and City Council, you have to go to Rich. He, in turn, has to convince Supervisors elected by constituents beyond his District to put your issues ahead of their constituent's concerns. Do you like it when outsiders tell you how to run your family, you business, or your life? Then why is OK for outsiders to decide what's best for your neighborhood or your community?

* Charles Bell was one of our community's important post-war-era developers. But we do have a ton of streets named for inventors - Watt, Fulton, Edison, Morse, Marconi - maybe or maybe not including Bell.

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