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SMUD 2030 Zero Carbon Town Hall tomorrow

SMUD has adopted a plan to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from its power supply by 2030 in order to help create a clean and healthy region. The 2030 Zero Carbon Plan involves ambitious objectives like:

  • 3.5 times more use of renewable energy and batteries
  • Retiring and refueling SMUD's natural gas plants, including the complete shuttering of the McClellan and Campbells gas-fired plants by 2025
  • Partnering with investors to help bring new and emerging technologies to fruition, to make them available and affordable for everyone.
  • Accelerating the transition to all-electric homes and electric vehicles to help decarbonize the two largest carbon emitting sectors in California, with a commitment to electrify 100% of homes, businesses and vehicles in the service area by 2045, by 2040 for low-income customers.
  • Supporting more hydroelectric projects, both rooftop and utility- scale solar, wind, biomass, biofuels and more.
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To achieve this goal requires a community-wide effort, so SMUD will make new incentives to help their customers decarbonize transportation, buildings, and equipment. As currently organized, our neck of the woods has three Wards with elected officials on the SMUD Board - something to keep in mind when the new Census data drives a reorganization.  Rob Kerth represents Ward 5, which includes the City of Sacramento's Swanston Estates neighborhood west of Ethan and north of Arden Fair Mall. Gregg Fishman's Ward 3 includes West Arden Arcade (unincorporated area west of Watt) and neighborhoods south of Arden Way. Heidi Sanborn's Ward 7 covers unincorporated Arden Arcade's neighborhoods north of Arden and east of Watt. One of those three elected officials, Ms. Sanborn, will be holding an online Town Hall meeting for the community on Thursday May 13th from 5:30-6:30 to explain the 2030 Zero Carbon Plan. Attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions and provide input on how SMUD can accomplish this goal together with the community. To attend, send email to using "RSVP-2030 Zero Carbon Plan 5/13" in the Subject line and include the following text: "Please register me for SMUD’s Zero Carbon Plan event. My full name is: {type in your name}" SMUD will send you a return email with the zoom link.

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