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Morse Pavement

May contain: tarmac, asphalt, road, and tar
That's a deep pothole!

It is no secret that the pavement around here is awful - unless maybe you live in a privileged neighborhood, or there's a big-deal golf tournament or an election about to happen. Or maybe your street has had water meters installed and the County made the water district repave the entire street. Overall, though, most of our streets are in some kind of state of disrepair.

Consider Morse Avenue - in front of Kaiser Hospital. The pavement on Morse between Fair Oaks and Cottage is in dreadful shape, crying out to be fixed. But the pavement on the block between Alta Arden and Cottage is somewhere beyond dreadful. Does this matter? Considering that Kaiser Hospital is one of our community's largest employers and that it provides very important services to thousands and thosands of patients, it matters.

May contain: tarmac, asphalt, and road

Municipalities elsewhere don't let the infrastructure at their key economic front door get so bad that blogs like ours write shameful posts like this one. But our municipality - such as it is - is run by the Board of Supervisors. And you all know what that means: we just have to live with bumpy roads and potholes, don't we? Even at critically important places like Kaiser Hospital. How long will Kaiser put up with it? Or will Kaiser just walk away to the railyards, leaving us with a ghost ship building along a stretch of road where the pavement is literally falling apart?


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