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Incorporation and Affordable Housing at Tahoe

The Sacramento Bee published a set of articles today about Tahoe's housing problem - local businessses can't get workers because workers can't afford local housing. The focus on Tahoe's housing issue included an Op-Ed that called for incorporation of the impacted North Shore communities. That Op-Ed is remarkable for several reasons: 1) it is correct (problems won't get fixed in the absence of local control), 2) it highlights the folly of a local policy set that optimizes for business profit (to the exclusion of other community objectives), and 3) it slipped past the editors at The Bee (a publication with a history of ignoring unincorporated areas).

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Short Term Rentals in Tahoe City (pictured), Kings Beach and other North Lake Tahoe communities have been a cash bonanza for Placer County but have destroyed the ability of locals to afford to live there...and that's led to labor force problems for the local businesses. {Photo credit:  Op-Ed by Chris Gallagher, "Placer County Isn't Addressing Tahoe's Housing Crisis, It's Time to Incorporate North Lake", Sacramento Bee, July 25, 2021}

Tahoe's North Shore isn't the only place where a County has demonstrated incapability at managing municipal affairs. The house isn't in order here in our own community, is it? But don't sit around waiting for The Bee to expose our local situation. After all, The Bee has been the house organ for the Downtown Sacramento Power Elite since day one. It's very soul is about boosting and protecting the status quo from which the Power Elite get their enjoyment. And that status quo would be upended if Arden Arcade's residents were in charge of Arden Arcade's destiny, wouldn't it?

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