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SJUSD has decided on a 7-member, by-district governing board

Late in the evening of July 27th, the San Juan Unified School District concluded its decision process about shifting from at-large Trustee representation to by-district trustee representation. Specifically, the school board decided to establish 7 Trustee districts (see map), which will add two more Trustees to the current 5 members. Shifting to the by-district arrangement is intended to improve representation among communities of common interests, particularly minority communities that have historically been disadvantaged. Having 7 people on the board also obviously improves the constituent-to-elected-official ration. Further, since dividing the district's population by 7 results in districts of roughly 45K people per district, the City of Citrus Heights will get two trustee districts and Arden Arcade will be provided with more than two trustees - as is appropriate given the population sizes of Citrus Heights and Arden Arcade. The chosen set of trustee districts was based on data from the 2010 Census. SJUSD will have to redraw the maps when the 2020 Census data are finally released.

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This is the Trustee-area map that was selected by the SJUSD board. Arden Arcade will wind up being represented by board members from Trustee Areas 1, 2, and 3. The map is subject to change after the 2020 Census data are released.


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