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Guest Opinion - Homeless Trash

(Homelessness is readily apparent in our community. Social media posts about the issue run the gamut from victim-blaming to pleas for tolerance. A Nextdoor post the other day entitled "Homeless camp clean ups" revealed what may well be a core attitude towards homelessness: while many people feel some level of humankindness towards homeless individuals and families, trash and sanitation are concerns. This is an exchange of comments on that post about homeless camps, culled from Nextdoor and reprinted with permission of the authors. Both are residents of unincorporated Arden Arcade.)

  • I am beside myself with all the trash as well. Every day I leave my house to go to work, there is not ONE way I can get out of my neighborhood without seeing filth, trash, torn tarps, left behind torn tents, wet blankets, plastic bags, toilet paper, plastic bottles, and overflowing dumpsters that belong to store owners and other establishments. I feel like I am living in the literal "dump". I have worked hard to support myself, buy a house in a neighborhood I could afford, and work hard to keep my surroundings neat and kept up. I am a volunteer at Hands on Sacramento trying to be a part of the solution, not the problem, but GEEZ!!! Why am I working harder than those I'm trying to lend a hand up to? I have been homeless (of my own doing) and had to pull myself up and out. I am overwhelmed with the 'perceived' demise of my community. It seems like there are many kind and giving folks trying to fix the problem...but are we in this alone? - Debra Igou
  • Debra, I think this is where many of us in this area are at. We take pride in our homes and neighborhoods, work hard, make it happen, yet our surroundings are being trashed. I also feel for the businesses. The old Rite Aid on El Camino will never get a tenant with the state of the area. We are going to have to find a solution ourselves, the County is not our solution for this area. When the City implements their new "homeless plan". we will certainly see even more camps in our neighborhood. - Heike Sharpe
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A common roadside scene in our community.


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