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Mod Bee Editorial mirrors our situation

Stanislaus sign on highway

The Modesto Bee published an editorial the other day about Stanislaus County locals being habitually disrespected. The subject was redistricting, but it could also apply to any number of other public policy areas where distant people with power always get what they want and they do so by consistently overlooking or devaluing local opinions. Please click on the link and read the editorial, for it closely parallels our situation. The editorial concludes:

"Resist making Stanislaus an afterthought, a last priority. Give us the respect and strong, united voice our people deserve."
Modesto Bee Editorial Board, "Stanislaus County is not a political backwater. Don’t treat us like one"  (Modesto Bee September 20, 2021).

Replace the word "Stanislaus" in that quote with "Arden Arcade" and it rings true for us, doesn't it?


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