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Community Presentation: What's Up with SMUD?

On Tuesday October 19th from 4-5pm the Greater Arden Chamber of Commerce (Greater Arden Chamber) will be hosting SMUD Board Member Heidi Sanborn, who will speak about SMUD's policy that our region should shift away from fossil fuels . According to the Greater Arden Chamber, SMUD's 2030 Zero Carbon Plan (oddly marketed as "Clean Power City")* is the most ambitious decarbonization plan of any major U.S. utility. In her presentation, Ms. Sanborn will describe the plan, the reasons behind it, and the business incentives SMUD is offering to encourage community participation in this landmark effort. The presentation will be given online. There is no cost to attend. But you have to register with Eventbrite:

* Note: Sacramento County's urbanized unincorporated "UnCity" is the largest (over 600,000 people) political subdivision within Sacramento County. The "Clean Power City" campaign implies SMUD's priority is cities. Where do our unincorporated communities fit in, if at all? What about a "Clean Power UnCity"?

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Heidi Sanborn is one of the two SMUD Board members who represent unincorporated Arden Arcade


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