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Good Samaritan Story has Happy Ending

May contain: cat, animal, mammal, and pet

Our Atmospheric River/Bomb Cyclone event, the one that brought us an historic 5.44" of rain in a 24-hour period, swelled the area's creeks to the brim. That's what happened to Strong Ranch Slough as it flowed through Cottage Park (at Cottage and Morse). In the swift, high waters a feral kitten was trying to survive - and was losing its struggle. That's when Skip Campbell, who lives next to the park, waded into chest-deep rushing water and saved the kitten. The video of the soggy kitty went viral. Today KCRA3's Edie Lambert tweeted an update: the kitten, now named Stormy, has found a loving home with Skip and his wife Nancy. Let's hear it for the Campbells!


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