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Redistricting Results - Congress, State Senate, State Assembly

The state's Redistricting Commission has issued final maps for the House of Representatives and the two houses of the state legislature. These maps will be applied for the 2022 elections and run until after the 2030 Census. How Arden Arcade wound up is a matter of some head scratching. Here's our take:

Member of Congress - Sacramento County used to be split East-West, with various neighborhoods in Arden Arcade gerrymandered into one or the other district. Now the split is North-South, with all of Arden Arcade in the same district that's mostly north of the American River until it picks up unincorporated La Riviera Rosemont and Gold River and the City of Rancho Cordova south of the river. There is another district below the American River, including Downtown Sacramento, Midtown Sac, East Sac, Elk Grove and other south county places to the countyn line. And a bizarre third district that spins off Orangevale and Folsom to be connected with Plumas, Sierra, Yuba, Nevada, Placer, El dorado, Alpine, and Inyo Counties. Go figure. Our newsroom elves tell us the buzz on the street is that incumbent Representatives Doris Matsui and Ami Bera, who both live in the new southern district, will work something out such that she will run for reelection in the southern district and he will seek reelection in the northern district (including moving north from his current home in Elk Grove). The elves also say Kevin Kiley - who finished a distant 5th in the recent recall election with less than 4% of the vote - might run for the oddly-configured district, most of which has been the bailiwick of Elk Grove-resident Tom McClintock since 2009. Speaking of McClintock, carpetbagging (living outside the district you seek to represent) is allowed under federal election laws and he's not the only carpetbagger. In its 12/26/21 Sunday edition, The Bee wrote that Bera will be challenged by Tamika Hamilton of Dixon in Solano County...hmm.

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Our new Congressional district is CD-06

State Senate - Unincorporated Arden Arcade used to be part of a North-South district that was dominated by the City of Sacramento. Now there is a new North-South district that runs from the Placer/Yuba County line southward on a wiggly line west of Highway 49 until just below Auburn, where it jogs eastward over to the Placer/El Dorado line (East shore of Folsom Lake) and then southward to the Sacramento/San Joaquin line to pick up the Placer County cities of  Lincoln, Loomis, Rocklin, Roseville and unincorporated Newcastle and Granite Bay, the Sacramento County cities of Citrus Heights, Folsom, Rancho Cordova and Galt as well as unincorporated Rancho Murietta, Wilton, and Herald. The elves are reporting that San Juan USD Trustee Paula Villescaz - a former Arden Arcade resident and Mira Loma graduate - will be running for this new open seat.

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Our strange new State Senate district is SD-06

State Assembly - Arden Arcade, a goodly chunk of unincorporated Carmichael and unincorporated La Riviera are losing traditional connections with nearby unincorporated communities in northeastern Sacramento County and the new-ish cities of Citrus Heights and Rancho Cordova. Instead, our communities, plus unincorporated Rio Linda, Elverta and Antelope are being lumped in with the parts of the City of Sacramento that run the show: Downtown Sac, Land Park, Curtis Park and East Sac. In other words, the Downtown Sacramento Power Elite will dominate the attention of the Assembly representative while us unincorporated area folks are at risk of remaining silenced for another 10 years. The elves say this new district will remain the domain of Assembly Member Kevin McCarty.


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Our new Assembly District is AD-06
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