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2020 Redistricting Results - County Supervisorial Districts

On Dec. 7th, 2021, the Board of Supervisors adopted new Supervisorial District boundaries based on the 2020 Census. Arden Arcade is still in Supevisorial District 3, along with other nearby unincorporated communities. The new District 3 no longer includes Campus Commons and a few other neighborhoods within the City of Sacramento or a bit of unincorporated North Highlands. Also, for some mysterious reason, picks up a big chunk of Rancho Cordova east of Sunrise and runs all the way down to Grantline Road in Vineyard. Here's the County's description of the district:

"District 3 includes the communities of: Arden Arcade, Carmichael, Foothill Farms, College Greens, Fair Oaks, Gold River, and Rancho Cordova east of Sunrise Boulevard.

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More specifically, starting at the intersection of Howe Avenue and the American River, following the river downstream to the Sacramento city limits, continuing northward along Ethan Way and the easterly along city limits to Union Pacific Railway.  Then continuing northeast along the railway to Walerga Road, north on Walerga Road to Longdale Drive, northeast along Longdale Drive to Keema Ave, west on Keema Avenue to Guthrie Street.  Then north on Guthrie Street to Don Julio Boulevard, west on Don Julio Boulevard to Walerga Road, north on Walerga Road to Antelope Road.  Then continuing east along the prior alignment of Antelope Road to the Citrus Heights city limit at Daly Avenue.  Then south and east along the city limit and following eastward toward Fair Oaks Boulevard, north on Fair Oaks Boulevard to Greenback Lane.  Then east on Greenback Lane to Kenneth Avenue, south on Kenneth Ave to Madison Avenue, east on Madison Avenue to a point where the Census Bureau divides the communities of Fair Oaks and Orangevale. Then southeast along this community boundary to a point in the American River and the Folsom city limit. Then following downstream, continuing along the Folsom city limit south and east to White Rock Road. Then following southwest along White Rock Road to Grant Line Road, continuing south on Grant Line Road to Jackson Road. Then west on Jackson Road to Sunrise Boulevard, north on Sunrise Blvd to the American River. Then west, downstream the American River along the Rancho Cordova city limit to the Mayhew drain, then south along the drain to Folsom Boulevard. Then west along Folsom Boulevard to the Highway 50 overpass. Continuing west on Highway 50 to the Sacramento city limits, following the city limits south to Jackson Road. Then west on Jackson Road to Folsom Boulevard, west on Folsom Boulevard to Howe Avenue and then north on Howe Avenue to the point of beginning."

In other words, it's a gerrymandered horseshoe. And the map doesn't really match the description. Oh is what it is. And Arden Arcade is still just a small part (about a third) of Supervisor Rich Desmond's District 3.

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