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SACOG's new trails plan steers clear of here

SACOG is planning on a new 1,070-mile trails network intended to link the Sierra with the Delta. It's an ambitious project intended to be a national model for alternative transportation and and a way for disadvantaged communities to gain access to bike trails. The latter is important because SACOG says low-income residents of the Sacramento region have 30% less access to bike and pedestrian trails than those living in average- or high-income neighborhoods.

“We have such inequitable access to trails in our region,” said Victoria Cacciatore, an active transportation analyst with SACOG. “We are looking to close that gap.”
Victoria Cacciatore, SACOG transportation planner, in "Lake Tahoe to the Delta: Sacramento region plans 1,070-mile trail network", Sacramento Bee May 20, 2022.

Anyone care to guess which unincorporated community of 100,000 people, a great many of whom live in a designated "Environment Justice Area", appear to have been ignored by SACOG? Look at the graphic and see for yourself (or look at the whole map on SACOG's site). Yup. Nothing to see here in Arden Arcade. Move along now.

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The Executive Director of SACOG, James Corless, claims that SACOG envisions connecting "every single community" in the six-county SACOG region. Arden Arcade must not be a community, though, because - with the exception of the existing American River Parkway Trail that runs past some not-disadvantaged  neighborhoods - SACOG's draft trails map pretty much avoids us unincorporated nobodies. Anyone surprised?  (Fun fact: SACOG has 31 elected officials on its Board of Directors, including 3 from our county's board of Supervisors and 2 from the Sacramento City Council)


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