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2022 Primary Election turnout looks dismal so far

If you have already returned your ballot for the 2022 Primary Election, thank you! By casting votes in the primary election, you have made your votes carry more weight than usual. That's because the percentage of ballots returned as of June 6th (one day before the polls close) is extremely low. Statewide, only 14% of eligible voters have returned their ballots. Across Sacramento County the return rate is a teensy bit higher at 15%. However you look at it, those are not good numbers. There are several offices on the ballot that will be decided by this June's votes. Some races only have two candidates, such as the contests for our County District Attorney and Sheriff. There are also multi-candidate races where one candidate could win outright by garnering 50% of the vote plus 1 more. Do you want our next Sheriff or DA to win with support (votes) from, say, 10% or less of eligible voters? Of course not. Elections have consequences. Please turn in your ballot at a mailbox or a Vote Center drop box or cast your ballot at a Vote Center by no later than tomorrow, June 7th. The polls close tomorrow at 8pm.

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Ballot return statistics for Sacramento County as of June 6th, 2022. {Source:}
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