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Rally on 7/25

Dear Advocates for Arden Arcade,

Our community organizing coalition respectfully invites you, and all who wish, to join with us in opposing Mayor Steinberg’s full time homeless shelter in the former science building on Auburn blvd. This is directly adjacent to the Sacramento Childrens Receiving Home campus in Del Paso Regional Park. We would welcome your support with your presence to make our voice even stronger. We all saw and were outraged by what has happened with the city trying to locate a shelter near Arden Arcade at Cal Expo and history seems to be repeating itself. 

Please be there with us in person, on Monday July 25, at 6:00pm. We are staging a demonstration in support of the Childrens Receiving Home residents and in opposition to the Mayor forcing this into our community. We currently have over 1,300 signatures on our online petition with support growing daily- and we are now starting to take this to the media to expose Steinberg for what he is doing to put children, homes, and businesses at risk. He is not truly doing anything that will help alleviate the plight of the city’s homeless. We will continue to push for our concerns to be taken seriously. 

Meet 5:30pm to park, either in Del Paso Regional Park or in The Oaks Shopping Center (Jim MacLaughlin property) southeast corner of Watt and Auburn blvd - assembly will start at 6:00pm in front of the former Science Building at 3515 Auburn blvd. Tell Steinberg to get out of our community, and get back to the majority of the issues with the population of city homeless he has downtown, and would like to bus out to our community. Enough is enough.

Save Our Suburb

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