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Steinberg's homeless shelter next to Children's Home on CBS13

Last night, and again this morning, CBS13 aired a story about Darrell Steinberg's proposal to put a homeless shelter next door to the Children's Receiving Home on Auburn Blvd. Steinberg wants homeless Sacramentans moved there, on city-owned land. The site is about as far from City of Sacramento voters as possible, yet is surrounded by unincorporated Sacramento County. It is across the street from unincorporated area residents in Arden Arcade and a nowhere-land slice of Foothill Farms north of a strip of city-owned park land along Auburn Blvd. CBS13 spoke about it with former Congressman Doug Ose, who lives in the unincorporated area. Mr. Ose did not mince words, saying the proposal to have homeless individuals living next door to troubled children is a reckless idea. He also showed a map indicating how the site so far removed from the City of Sacramento that it doesn't even make sense for the City of Sacramento to control the site - it should be made part of the unincorporated community that surrounds it.

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Former Congressman Doug Ose says the proposed site is a long way from City of Sacramento residents.
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