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Hip-hip-HOORAY for our monthly donors!

As an all-volunteer operation, we here at the Advocates for Arden Arcade rely on donations to keep our web presence alive - well, and for occasional gift cards for our struggling newsroom elves who would otherwise just walk away. We're always grateful for donations from you, dear reader. And we truly LOVE our monthly donors! If you aren't a monthly donor yet, please consider becoming one or our absolute, total, favorite people by clicking on our donations button (on our home page or our donations page) and making your gift monthly. Every donation matters, no matter how large or small...$3/month, $5/month, $10/month, whatever. You becoming a monthly donor means the world to us and is a tax write-off for you. You will have the satisfaction of knowing you are doing something good for our community AND you will get to enjoy our boundless gratitude!

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