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Arden Way is NOT pedestrian-friendly

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Watch your step!

A picture is worth 1000 words, right? The photo shows the "sidewalk" along the north side of Arden Way at the NE corner of Arden & Fulton (by the Econo Lube n' Tune & Brakes) where Strong Ranch Slough disappears under the Arden & Fulton intersection. It's yet another example of how our community is not at all designed for pedestrian safety. Or pedestrian convenience. Or, let's face it, any kind of pedestrian functionality. And yet we hear all the time about the importance of "getting off fossil fuels", "reducing parking requirements", "using transit", blahblahblah. To be fair to Arden Way, this situation isn't exclusive to this specific part of our community. Pedestrian un-friendliness exists all over the place in our unincorporated heaven-on-earth.

Bonus extra comments from our snarky Newsroom elves:

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