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Neither pedestrian-friendly nor bike-friendly

We hear all the time, usually from know-it-alls who don't live here, or don't work here, or who are horn-tooters for this, that or the other development scheme, that Arden Arcade is just wonderful for people who don't use a car for mobility. Ignoring our widespread lack of sidewalks, the unsafe nature of our roll-up "curbs" (that give cars easy access to the few sidewalks we have), the County's dysfunctional bike routes on some of our major roadways that are used as racetracks, they say our community is "pedestrian-friendly" and "bike-friendly".

Well, that's just wrong. The only practical, safe way to get around here is by car. Look at the photo, taken around noon today on Fulton south of El Camino. There's a cyclist using the sidewalk. No room for a pedesterian. There's a truck using a chunk of the street that's painted for bike use. No wonder the cyclist isn't riding in the bike lane. And there's a car carrying a bike. Yeah, that's SO not pedestrian and bike "friendly". #DontBuyTheBaloney

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Does this look like a "pedestrian-friendly" and "bicycle-friendly" place?
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