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Guess we're just not good enough...

In today's Bee article, "Acclaimed restaurant The Kitchen plans to move in 2023", Michael McGough writes that the restaurant will move from it's location on Hurley at Howe to a lower Broadway site across from the Sacramento Cemetery. The restaurant is excited to go there because, according to the article, the new location is, "...10 minutes from a lot of places...". Translation: while no longer easily accessible for us, the new place will be convenient for lobbyists to schmooze their clients and it will be handy for residents of privileged parts of neighborhoods in Land Park, Curtis Park and East Sac. The article mentions that the restaurant's owners have wanted to move for some time, which implies that they have long wanted their customers to be spared from the embarassment and indignity of dining across the street from Ross Dress for Less. Clearly, paying a premium price for dinner out will be a step up once the restaurant is located across the street from dead people.

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Restaurant owner Randall Selland talks to customers at The Kitchen {Photo credit: Andy Alfaro, Sacramento Bee in "Acclaimed restaurant The Kitchen plans to move in 2023", December 20, 2022)

The Bee article gets some credit for acknowledging that The Kitchen is currently located in unincorporated Arden Arcade in Sacramento COUNTY.  Except, in so doing, the article referred to Arden Arcade as a "neighborhood". Really? How many "neighborhoods" do you know that have 18 square miles and 100,000 people? No, Sacramento Bee, our Census Designated Place isn't a "neighborhood". There are many, many neighborhoods within our community (to get a feel for that, look at If we were a city, with local control and a Mayor and a City Council, we would be bigger than around 400 of California's 482 cities. Arden Arcade would have about as many people as Carson, Compton, Tracy or Redding. You wouldn't call those cities "neighborhoods", would you? Alas, outsiders - including our local media - don't understand our community. To them,  Arden Arcade is just a "neighborhood" that's about to bid farewell to one of the region's best restaurants.

Well, whatever. Meanwhile, we can thank our dear Supervisors for yet another blow to our local economy and quality of life.

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