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"Bee Curious" really isn't

Roughly a year ago The Bee started a series they called "Bee Curious", intended as a "community-driven series where we answer reader questions about the Sacramento region". Yesterday's "Bee Curious" article highlighted 5 of their stories that allegedly answered the reader's question. Interestingly, one of the top stories for 2022 was the one about Arden Arcade not being a city.

May contain: building and architecture
The "Susan Peters monument" on Marconi from "These stories were among Sacramento’s most curious of 2022: Gold icons and a city that isn’t", Sacramento Bee 12/22/2022. {Photo credit: Nathaniel Levine, Sacramento Bee}

When that article first ran last April, we wrote a response, pointing out that The Bee had not done its homework and had told a biased tale about the financial situation that confronted local cityhood proponents in the run-up to the cityhood measure on the November 2010 ballot. It is a shame The Bee did not read our article. Had they done so they could have avoided the embarassment of being exposed for lazy journalism once again. We'll just sum it up this way: The Bee doesn't understand our community and just makes up stuff about us that fits their narrative.

Maybe next year The Bee will pay attention to our neck of the woods - real attention. Maybe 2023 will inspire a more enlightened Legislature, one that will start to remove the barriers it has put in the way of local control and self-determination. Maybe 2023 will see local people start a new cityhood movement for Arden Arcade. Or not.

We really don't know; we can't predict the future.  Besides, it's not up to us, it's up to all of you. As always, though, our newsroom elves will try to keep abreast of whatever happens - and to faithfully, truthfully tell the story (unlike those guys at The Bee).

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