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Our sidewalks are for cars

Just another example of why it is ridiculous to call our community "pedestrian friendly": employee cars, delivery vehicles and used car sales inventory encroaching on - well, actually, using - the sidewalk on Loma Vista at Fulton. This is what happens when Sacramento County lets tiny used car dealerships occupy lots that aren't really big enough for car sales. Or, as is the case of the old Brailey-Graham Buick dealership on that corner, lets three different car sales and/or collision repair businesses share what used to be a too-small car dealership site. Why does the County do this? Money, of course. The state gives the County 1% of the money generated by retail sales. Costly products mean high revenues. And that is more important to the C0unty than your quality of life.

Notice the situation in the photo was made possible by the existence of rolled curbs, the kind of sidewalk that makes it easy for a car to travel up onto the sidewalk. You know those fairly new sidewalks on Morse south of Arden? The County used the rolled curb design for that job, not the straight or barrier curb that prevents vehicles from driving into lawns, sidewalks, other restricted places. Our community is optimized for cars. Period. End of story. Remembed that the next time you hear someone claim that Arden Arcade is "pedestrian friendly". It's not.

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It's not great for pedestrians on Loma Vista, but at least they can see a sign of Spring:  grass growing in the cracks of our roads and sidewalks.


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