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Arden Arcade Should be a City

This comment was made in response to one of our posts on Facebook. The author has given his permission to post it on our web site.

One need not look far to see the positive effects of cityhood... Rancho, Citrus Heights, Folsom... Has anyone taken a good look at Rancho lately?? Wasn't much good to say about that burg, and still more to do... but wow what a difference between pre-city and nowadays. It drives me NUTS as I watch Citrus Heights take a proactive approach to the dying Sunrise Mall... Love when the that city pretty much says what they want and with some negotiations get that by telling the developers to 'do it or go screw over some other poor mismanaged uncity'. I'm a life long Arden Arcade resident, lived here, worked here... at one time staunch no cityhood no way guy. That changed especially now that it is OBVIOUS the City of Sacramento has eyes on this community... and if anybody thinks that is a good thing I only need point to the sadness that is Del Paso Blvd. - North Sacramento was a one time vibrant city that was swallowed and ignored by the Sacramento city managers. City of Arden Arcade... bring it. It's overdue...

Zach Marsh

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