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Big Day of Giving 2023

You may have heard that tomorrow, May 4th, is the annual "Big Day of Giving". That's a program of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation to raise money for local nonprofit organizations.  And it's a good thing. We certainly encouage participation, because there are many local nonprofit organizations that help our community.

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Our goal is to raise $300-$500

Our organization, the Advocates for Arden Arcade, is a local nonprofit organization. We would love to have your support. But you won't fiind us in the list of Big Day of Giving recipients. That's because ours is a tiny organization, not the kind with paid staff and marketing programs that some local nonprofit organizations have in order to do what they do. It is staff-intensive for a nonprofit organization to participate with the Big Day of Giving and it requires fees.  We don't have paid staff and we don't have spare funds for fees. The Big Day of Giving also requires a minimum donation of $15, which is too high for many people in our community.  We can accept less than that.

At the moment, we are doing OK thanks to the kind and generous donations we get from our one-time and monthly donors. We are able to pay our website costs, which are stable for the time being, but that's about it. Now, in this post-pandemic time, we are thinking of resuming periodic in-person meetings like the ones we held in 2019. To do so means we'll need funds for room rentals and meeting support. Can we raise $300-500 for that? If you would like to help out, please go to our donation page - even small donations help and all donations are tax-deductible.

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