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Meeting about mobility 12-3 this Saturday afternoon 5/13/23 at Sac Suburban Water District

Sacramento County has established a Climate Emergency Mobilization Task Force. The goal is to try and do something, anything, about sustainability. The Task Force members mean well and deserve our thanks, at least for trying.

As you might expect, the Committee has subcommittees. One of those subcommittees, the Transportation Technical Advisory Panel, is focused on Transportation Policy. The Panel's next meeting is actually here in our community, at the Sacramento Suburban Water District board room at 3701 Marconi from noon to 3pm. At that meeting they will be looking for input and assistance to develop a Climate Emergency Response Plan that will mesh with the County’s Climate Action Plan.

If you want to help them, you could show up and say something about our lack of sidewalks, our dearth of safe bicycle facilities, our famously horrible pavement, our shortage of safe crossing sites on our major roadways, the marginal utility of the few directional signs on our roadways, the barely useful nature of our public bus system, our inhospitable bus stops, the remoteness of Light Rail and its inadequate schedules, our dysfunctional traffic law enforcement, and...yeah, yeah, yeah, we've heard it all before. Or just say whatever you feel like. Either way, it's a once-in-a-blue-moon chance to vent about our lack of mobility and our inferior transportation infrastructure without having to drive down to County Hall and pay their exorbitant parking fees.

May contain: chart, plot, diagram, plan, white board, and map
The County's High Priority Pedestrian Projects from its (most recent) master plan, dated April 2007, just  a "short" 16 years ago.



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