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Massive pay raise for our County Board of Supervisors

Our highly esteemed Board of Supervisors - you know, those people whose lack of vision has sent our community down the drain, who never met a liquor license they didn't like, who couldn't repave Watt Avenue if their life depended on it, who make you pay a lot of money to park in the County Hall garage so you can be intimidated during your 2:00 minute speech chastizing them for not getting the job done, and who let the City of Sacramento call the shots (including transporting Sac City's homeless people to our  community) -  have voted to give themselves a large (36%) pay raise. Actually, at $46K a year, it's not really a raise, it's income from a second hustle.

Sure, they have lots of reasons: Placer pays their guys too much, so we should pay ours that much, too; they haven't have a raise in a long time (boo-hoo!); they have to work SO hard!; etc. And, besides, they're just going along with a recommendation made by someone else. OK. Swell. Any of you out there in social media land buying this malarkey. Didn't think so.

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Out with the old pay scale, in with the new. And the raise is retroactive to February. Sweet deal, huh?

So now the question becomes, "Do ya wanna do something about it?" Or are you still of the mindset that Arden Arcade should never, ever, be a city in charge of itself because the County is just ducky and you think we should "Stay Sacramento"? Take your time figuring out an answer. We'll wait.

But, please, understand that we here at the Advocates for Arden Arcade aren't allowed (by the IRS) to run a cityhood campaign. Other actual people and businesses are going to have to get engaged if you all want to make changes. Your choice: sit on the sofa and gripe or step up and help Arden Arcade get local control. It's up to you.

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