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Supervisors seek to detach Del Paso Park from City of Sacramento

By a unanimous decision today, our Board of Supervisors passed a resolution to request that the City of Scramento consent to the initiation of reorganization proceedings which would result in a portion of Del Paso Park east of Watt Avenue and north of Auburn Blvd. being removed from within the municipal boundary of the City of Sacramento and reorganized into the County of Sacramento.

map of Del pPso Park shown at Supervisors' meeting
The Supervisors said the skinny strip of land that stretches east of Watt Ave. should be detatched from the City of Sacramento

The vote was 4-0. Supervisor Kennedy was not in attendance. Six speakers, all from the unincorporated area, testified in favor of the resolution. One speaker, a resident of Oakland in the Bay Area, was opposed because he wanted the resolution to have done all the things that will be addressed in the study that the resolution seeks to accomplish.  No City of Sacramento residents live in the area, which is surrounded by unincorporated area neighborhoods, which may explain why Del Paso Park has been neglected for so long. The Supervisors are concerned about the adverse impacts (public safety, trash and litter, pollution of Arcade Creek, etc.) on their constituents who have had to live with the City of Sacramento's lack of stewardship of the area.

Removing the long, narrow strip of land along Auburn Blvd. can be done in many ways. The polite, professional way to do it is to first seek consent from the City of Sacramento - action that was taken today. The purpose of the resolution is to move the idea forward for eventual consideration by LAFCO, the Local Agency Formation Commission. LAFCO is the entity that has been tasked by the state to deal with boundary conflicts and the related delivery of municipal services. Let the games begin!

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