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Indigenous Peoples Day 2023

Our friends at Vintage Arden Arcade posted this last Monday and asked us to cross-post it here.

Today is Indigenous Peoples Day. A day to remember that our Arden Arcade community was built on Nisenan land, a horizon people of the Yuba and American Rivers region, today based in Nevada City, their spiritual home. The Nisenan village in today’s Arden Arcade was Kadema, a beautiful land on the American River at Watt Avenue, today crossed by a levee and dotted with fine homes. When I am there, I take the time to feel the spiritual history of the Nisenan and am blessed by it…

“The Valley Nisenan” was published in 1929 and written primarily with the help of Tom Cleanso, an elderly blind Nisenan of about 70 years of age. Tom was the last inhabitant of Kadema. He was impoverished and depended on a local hop field owner (probably the Clement Horst family) and friends and relatives, in the Indian Community living Sacramento. Yet he reportedly managed at times to travel several miles on his own in Sacramento. Tom passed away in the late thirties…

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A Nisenan basket weaver around 1904 in the vicinity of Colfax {Source:}


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