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Cal Expo Board meeting - Steiny Homes action alert for 10/27/23 at 1:30pm

Do you think Cal Expo would be a great place for a Steiny Homes village for homeless people? Particularly if the Steiny homes were located next to the horse barns and across the street from businesses in Arden Arcade? Would you be OK with tax money being spent on the Steiny homes there if there was no operating plan once the Steiny homes are built? The matter is not on the Cal Expo Board's agenda...yet. But since the Governor and his pal, Darrell Steinberg, have announced they want to do that, and because the Cal Expo Board is loaded with the Governor's appointees, you can pretty much be assured the Board will be taking up the matter one of these days.

As a means of helping the Cal Expo Board stay in touch with reality, the Arden-Howe Business Alliance has prepared a letter for the Board and encourages the public to attend the Board's meeting at Cal Expo on Friday October 27th at 1:30. The meeting will be held in The Clubhouse located at Cal Expo's Miller Lite Racing Grandstands at 1600 Exposition Boulevard. Though the Steiny Homes item is not on the agenda, per state law, public comments are always accepted - even for items not on the agenda (though no action can be taken on an item unless it is on the agenda). The meeting notice and agenda are available in this file:



For the Steiny Homes, the Arden-Howe Business Alliance has concerns around the fact that the Governors Office and the Mayor of Sacramento continue to discuss Cal Expo as a location publicly and in press releases, yet they refuse to disclose the plan or even have a conversation with the community.   They say the entire process up to this point lacks transparency, oversight and continues to move forward in a “back room” process.  While everyone can agree that the need to address the homeless issues is front and center in all communities, the matter needs to be addressed with details for both the unhoused and housed dealt with to better understand both how to help and prevent hurt.  You can read the Alliance's letter by downloading this file:

A+HBA Cal Expo Tiny Homes.pdf


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The Cal Expo side of Ethan Way is in the City of Sacramento. The other side of Ethan Way is unincorporated Arden Arcade. Putting Steiny homes in currently "empty" space on the Cal Expo side means the Steiny home residents are free to wander across the street, thereby sparing City of Sacramento residents from any impacts associated with the wandering. Devoting acreage to Steiny homes at Cal Expo is not in Cal Expo's business plan and will conflict with Cal Expo's future economic opportunities.


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