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Auburn Blvd. is unsafe

Much of Auburn Blvd. is "protected" from speeding freeway traffic by a chain-link fence. We wrote about this problem last summer. NOTHING has been done to fix it. Why?

There is neither guard rail nor wall to prevent cars and trucks from flying off Business 80 onto Auburn Blvd. a foot or more below the freeway. Lest you think fast-moving metal objects won't ever depart the freeway like that, between Maita Subaru at 2912 Auburn and Fix Auto Capital City at 3248 Auburn, there are several places where the fencing has been torn apart by errant vehicles from the freeway. That's an obvious problem for pedestrians and vehicles that use Auburn Blvd. And, to be clear, pedestrians DO use that part of Auburn. Sure, maybe the pedestrians there live in less privileged neighborhoods than others in our community, but don't they deserve safe facilities? Of course they do! So why is Auburn Blvd. not protected from the freeway? Why haven't the fences been fixed? Why are there no guard rails and/or masonry walls?

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