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Happy New Year 2024

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...from the Advocates for Arden Arcade to all of you

We wish all our readers a happy, joyous, prosperous and - most of all - peaceful new year. We acknowledge, however, that many people might feel a sense of dread about 2024, what with wars and heightened tensions constantly in the news. Those issues are certainly inescapable in our newsroom. Nevertheless, we are tending towards optimism. In a few short weeks the Year of the Dragon will begin. The Dragon is a symbol of strength, courage, creativity and innovation, hence 2024 is expected to be a year of potential and opportunity. We have heard from so many of you that local control matters. Is 2024 going to be the year that sets our unincorporated community on a path to local control?  Our Supervisor has publically told his constituents that a conversation about municipal incorporation is needed. Being realistic, we know the process of gaining local self-determination is arduous and expensive. Though the process poses significant problems, our colleagues at California (un)Incorporated (the statewide coalition of unincorporated communities) tell us they are hopeful that 2024 will finally inspire the Legislature to give some attention to the plight of unincorporated communities.  So this New Year's Eve, let's raise a toast to the Dragon and seek a positive outlook for Arden Arcade and our neighboring unincorporated communities! Happy New Year, everyone!


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