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Public comments to Twin Rivers USD about charter school problems

ABC10 has reported on a disruptive set of public comments about one of the charter schools under the purview of the Twin Rivers Unified School district (TRUSD).  Since the public's comments were about an item that was not on the publicized agenda for the school board's 01/23/24 meeting, the Board Members were not allowed (by state law) to take up the matter at that meeting. However, state law does not preclude Board Members from commenting on the testimony or instructing the District Superintendent to look into the matter and calendar it for a future Board meeting if needed. ABC10's video  showed that the school board said nothing and the Superintendent dodged questions about whether TRUSD would do anything.  Governance-wise, the optics of the video were not pretty.

ABC10's videos describing what went on at the meeting are on You Tube at:

No doubt this is not the end of the story. Nor is it likely that charter schools elsewhere in our area are squeaky clean, whether in TRUSD or other school districts.

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As the TRUSD Superintendent was beating a hasty retreat, the ABC10 reporter had to hustle to ask him "what about" questions. His responses indicated he did not want to face the music. Besides the You Tube links in our story (above) you can see the video on the reporter's Facebook page:


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