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Mobility:  Why does it take so long?

Over the years we've pointed out many things that need fixing in our community. Though some problems been corrected, in reality, very few of the issues we have highlighted have been addressed. That's particularly true about our mobility infrastructure and services. The County has a massive backlog of needed road maintenance and our community is famous for its lack of safe pathways for pedestrians and cyclists. As our Supervisor, Rich Desmond, is prone to say when people complain in his public meetings about our infrastructure, "The County is not up to the job." While we appreciate his honesty, we wonder if corrections will ever be made in our lifetime. Here are just a few examples of festering problems:

  • Watt Avenue, where the pavement is so bad it prematurely wears out the suspension system on your car
  • Auburn Blvd along Business 80, where nothing separates pedestrians and local traffic from cars and trucks flying off the freeway but a chain link fence (where there IS a chain link fence, that is)
  • Wyda Way, where a short stretch of no sideways forces Target shoppers  to walk in the roadway, particularly residents of the seniors-only apartments at Wyda and Wright, for which the County said the developer had to provide easy access for walking to stores
  • Bell Street between Edison (Dyer-Kelly) and Hurley (Greer/Encina), where it is unsafe for kids to walk to/from school
  • Merrywood Drive, where the ramp to/from Country Club Center was replaced with a curb when Costco took over, impeding circulation for cyclists, people pushing baby strollers and anyone in a wheelchair
  • Freeway exits at 50 and Howe and Watt and at Business 80 and El Camino, Marconi, Howe, Fulton, Watt and the Auburn Blvd. stub freeway, none of which inform drivers about the existence of Arden Arcade
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