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Pedestrian Heaven

Welcome sign to Sacramento County and Sacramento International Airport by a road.
Strolling to the airport? Do it safely on Elkhorn Blvd.'s new mile-long sidewalk.

A few days ago the Sacramento Intergalactic Airport announced on Instagram that there is a new way to access the airport - like, for example, when I-5 is backed up. In it's Instagram post the airport described the new access road this way: "Spanning approximately 1 mile, this extension boasts four lanes, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, ramps, a traffic signal, and signage." You can now go north on 99 a bit and take the Elkhorn Blvd. off-ramp (see map below).

The best part is that the new road includes a sidewalk! Well, OK, it's a mile in blazing hot sun out in almost the middle of nowhere, but it is nevertheless a sidewalk - a way for pedestrians to be separated from motor vehicles. And it's paved, too. How convenient for pedestrians dragging roller bags along with them to the airport - if they can hitch a ride to Elkhorn and 99, that is. As one of our readers wrote:

Next time I am walking to the airport (I mean, why take the bus when you can walk there?), I'll feel safe from vehicular traffic.
Actual comment from one of our blog's readers (Note: Yolo Bus goes to the airport)

We say hip, hip, hooray to Sacramento County for including a whole mile of sidewalk in the new airport access road. The Elkhorn Blvd. extension is almost a "complete street" (a transportation policy and design approach that requires streets to be planned, designed, operated, and maintained to enable safe, convenient and comfortable travel and access for users of all ages and abilities regardless of their mode of transportation). Now, if the County would only fill in the sidewalk gaps along busy streets in Arden Arcade like Watt Avenue, Fair Oaks Blvd., El Camino, blahblahblah...... Oh, and what about safe bikeways (not just paint alongside road gutters)? Or safe pathways for wheelchairs and mobility-enabling electric scooters? Nah! Silly us. What were we thinking?

Aerial view of an airport with adjacent roads, parking, and nearby development.
Tired of walking to the airport on the I-5 shoulder? Now you can walk safely on the new Elkhorn Blvd. extension



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