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American River Flood Control District

The American River Flood Control District is an independent special district with 5 trustees elected by voters within the District. The District was established in 1927 to maintain the 40 miles of levees along the American River and portions of Steelhead, Arcade, Dry, and Magpie creeks. Its routine activities include levee vegetation management, rodent abatement, erosion repairs, and maintenance of access roads, gates, and equipment. Portions of Arden Arcade along the American River, Strong Ranch Slough and Chicken Ranch Slough are within the jurisdictional area of the District.

May contain: gps, electronics, and plot
Unincorporated Arden Arcade's cross-hatched areas east of Ethan, east of the American River (north of the golf course), northeast of the City of Sacramento (Campus Commons and some parts of Sierra Oaks at the western end of American River Drive) and north of the American River are served by the American River Flood Control District. (graphic credit: American River Flood Control District)
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