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Our Physical Setting

As arbitrarily designated by the County of Sacramento, Arden Arcade is a 16 square mile area immediately east of the City of Sacramento with the American River on the southwest and south and the Capital Cities Freeway/I-80 on the northwest and north. The County says Arden Arcade "ends" at Mission Avenue, though the eastern edge used to go to Walnut Avenue. The climate is mild. It rarely snows and winters consist primarily of rain events or fog. Summers are dry with some spells of intense heat. The area is mostly flat. With an average elevation of 56 feet above sea level, Arden Arcade is not at risk from sea level rise from climate change (so far, at least). Levees protect the parts of the area that are at risk of flooding from the American River. There are three streams of consequence in the community: Chicken Ranch Slough and Strong Ranch Slough flow into the American River, which in turn flows into the Sacramento River. Arcade Creek flows into the Sacramento River via the Natomas East Main Drainage Canal. The area was primarily developed as a post-WWII suburb and is considered "built out". As a result, there is a proliferation of shopping malls and strip malls with expansive asphalt areas and a significant urban forest. The trees provide shade against the summer heat and a beautiful canopy of fall color.

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